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Samuel L Jackson Says Quot Maybe I Won Quot T Be Nick Fury Quot

Jackson told me today that despite his cameo as the hard-bitten military man at the end of Iron Man , which now appears that someone else will, or perhaps Nick Fury Nick Fury won t in it when is Iron Man 2, The First Avenger: Captain America and The Avengers, announced the list of Marvel Studios in 2011 through projects that might have a natural place for the. Jackson, clearly bristling, said today that negotiations to put him in the role of Nick Fury are divided, because there seems to be an economic crisis in the world Marvel Comics. Samuel L.
20.1.09 14:47

Lohan And Ronson To Wed

The reports have also been flooding the net pair called closed, but Samantha was recently noted by visiting Lindsay on a set of Los Angeles.. It is true that Lindsay Lohan and long girlfriendSamantha Ronson connect the knot? Just last week, Lilo has to his MySpace to squash dissolution rum. Buzz about the network suggests the gals are ready to make official, but the whispers are only speculation - nothing has been confirmed.
20.1.09 14:47

Lohan Quot It Quot Healthy To Miss Someone Quot

She says the magazine Life Style: We never broke up. People don t need to be together every second. It healthy to lose someone, and if you re in it for the long term, it good to know that. Sources say that the publication has established Lohan home around the corner from Sam, adding, E in progress, to allow them some space. . But Lohan is determined to clarify the reports that ve broken up. Friends supports girlfriends have spent time apart, and Lohan has moved out of the house shared. Lindsay Lohan is trying to repair its fragile romance with gal pal DJ Samantha Ronson, but eager to emphasize the couple hasn t split.
20.1.09 14:47

Kenny Chesney Surrounded By Stars

Kenny Chesneys never been afraid to share the spotlight. Every year, when it comes to other artists in his state of law, its impressive collection of hitmakers..
20.1.09 14:46

Amy Winehouse Offered Movie Role

The Back to Black hitmaker was sent a script by Universal Pictures executives are interested in signing Winehouse to play a music teacher in a school, sources report. Amy Winehouse troubled singer has been offered a part in a new movie, provided that it stays away from drugs. However, the condition is that she ll land only if the party can stay away from drugs. But needs to improve his health and mind, or the possibility of being removed, said a source. She was offered an acting coach Matt Ryan called by the Royal Academy of Music Theater Department in London.
20.1.09 14:46

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